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Brandts Stoker with Watermark

"Brandts Stoker's first read through of his new novel Batula"


A pencil, pen and ink illustration for the Bat Conservation Trust to celebrate the anniversary of Bram Stoker's Dracula.





Move to the Country with watermark

"Move to the Country" they said, "Get a bit of peace and quiet" they said...


An amusing pencil, pen and ink illustration following a roost visit to a local church, where a Brown Long-eared Bat had been found in the bell tower.  

Liz has been illustrating bats for some years now.  As a trained bat carer she has the priviledge of working alongside these protected mammals on a daily basis.


She first provided illustrations for her local bat group The Kent Bat Group for their newsletters, illustrating amusing stories about bat rescues and other quirky situations which arise when working in bat conservation.  She was then approached by the Bat Conservation Trust to do the same.

These are available to purchase from the Etsy Shop 



Liz has also provided illustrations for other conservation projects both in the UK and in Europe.


 5% of sale profits will be donated in support of the Bat Conservation Trust, Registered charity no 1012361 in England and Wales and Kent Bat Group, registered charity No 1079767 and a partner bat group to The Bat Conservation Trust (BCT).




Greetings Cards

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