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Christmas Cards

A6 Christmas Cards featuring SIX bat inspired illustrations

new for 2023
The Hoary and the Ivy

This is an illustration of one of my favourite non UK species of bat, the Hoary Bat. 

Hoary bats are the largest bat species in North America, with an average wingspan of 14-16 inches.

Here we see a Hoary bat festooned in festive foliage.

Cards now available from my Etsy Shop


"The Hoary and the Ivy"

"Father Batmus"

"Christmas Tree" 


"Christingle Bat"

" Pipistrellus Noel"

These are sold in packs of 5 of each design.


Each card has been left blank for your own personal greeting and comes with a white self seal envelope.


5% of sale profits will be donated  in support of the Bat Conservation Trust, Registered charity no 1012361 in England and Wales and Kent Bat Group, registered charity No 1079767 and a partner bat group to The Bat Conservation Trust (BCT).





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